Transcriptome refers to all RNA molecules from protein coding (mRNA) to Noncoding RNA, together with rRNA, tRNA, IncRNA, pri-miRNA and others. Transcriptome could apply to a whole organism or a particular cell type. Strategies to comprehensively and systematically interrogate the expression virtually all RNA species have been developed and complement global approaches to studying genome sequence, structure and its variability. Microarray and more recently High throughput next generation DNA sequencing has made assessing the transcriptome a routine laboratory practice.

  • Track 1-1 Brain Transcriptome
  • Track 2-2 Human Transcriptome
  • Track 3-3 Data Integration
  • Track 4-4 Personalised Medicine
  • Track 5-5 Blood Transcriptomics
  • Track 6-6 DNA Sequencing of a Gene

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